About Me

Corporate career girl by day, gourmet and foodie by night.  OK, well all the time.  I am a baker, a feeder, a reader, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an employee, a gardener.  I write my blog for fun, documentation of my culinary adventures, hopefully to inspire, to meet new people and get recommendations on food and books.  I have a dream to work with food full time, to make my passion my my life.

I share my little home (with an even smaller garden) with two moggies, who I adore; cats were never my thing but hubby wanted one; I said 'yes, if I must' and now I wouldn't be without them, cheeky creatures.  Oh yes, and my husband of nearly three years, who encourages me, inspires me and eats everything I cook, even the disasters, with a smile on his face.  That's Love, and I heart him back, more and more each day.

I am lucky enough to split my time between Cheshire and London thanks(?) to my job, although home is where the heart is and my heart lies in Cheshire.

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