Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Top 10 Father’s Day Foodie Finds

Blimey, shopping for boys is hard. Even harder when it’s a man of a certain age who just had a big birthday and got everything he wanted. So I’ve scoured the t’interweb for a foodie gift for my fantastic Father…. And here’s what I’ve found

I hope it provides you with some inspiration and saves you the hours I’ve spend searching….

DIY Dads - Tool Kit Biscuit Tin by Biscuiteers I defy any handy dad, or just hungry dad, not to be pleased as punch when given this box of edible tool treats. Having been the very lucky recipient of a box of biscuits before I can vouch for their sweet deliciousness. 


Working Dads – Perfect for the 9-5 foodie dad who’s bound to be out when postie arrives. This cake embedded card from The Cake Nest will slip right through the letterbox. Let’s just hope he doesn’t stand on it when he walk through the door. 

Skillful (or not) Dad – Give your dad something to look forward to and a new skill to boot by booking him a course at a Cookery School. The Cheshire Cookery School has ‘A feast From the Far East’ course on 26th June – a week of anticipation for him, brownie points (and a good meal at a later date) for you. 


‘BYOB’ Dad – If your dad loves wine but doesn’t know his Chablis from his Chardonnay, get him vouchers for the Manchester Wine School, or tickets to a tasting. A full day course with lunch thrown in? Be a good son/daughter and accompany him along. I know I will. 


Beer Swigging Dad – If your Pops likes his real beers, turning his nose up at Carling/Stella/insert other well known brands of lager here then this Fathers Day Case from Real Ale is just the ticket. A selection of hand chosen beers will hit the spot and widen his drinking choices down the pub on a Friday.  


Posh Dad - Posh it up with a hamper from Fortum and Mason. This ‘Gentlemans Hamper’ is pricey, but if he’s a gentleman, he’s worth it, right?


Green Fingered Father – If your pops likes to potter in the garden, tickets to the RHS Flower Show in Beautiful Tatton Park would be a great gift. With vegetable competitions, garden displays, hints on tips to grow your own and endless foodie shopping opportunities, it’s a great day out for dad and family. 


Connoisseur Pops – Treat your dad to these beautiful Cognac glasses from Bodie and Fou. I may get these chic glasses and hope he hates them so I can keep them. He won’t though – who would!? 


‘Grow Your Own’ Dad - I’m not suggesting you plant your dad in amongst the carrots and onions, I’m talking about dads who grow their own and would love this Wine and a vine crate from The Gluttonous Gardener. I’ve bought my dad a couple of these over the years. It takes time to grow, but rewarding when you pick your own English grapes (and have half an hour on the phone hearing all about it afterwards). 


Tea and Papers Dad – Personalised Tea in a Personalised Tea Caddy from The Tea Palace– could it get more personal than that for Fathers Day? Take Dads favourite tastes and let the Tea Masters (I want that job) do all the work while you take all the credit. 

A Bonus Entry!

Some Dads Like it Hot – If you want to make your own gift – and why not - make it special with a chilli hamper containing a chilli plant, a big jar of homemade chilli jam and some chilli chocolate lollies – stay tuned, recipes to follow…

I have used the photographs from the websites I have linked to in the post. I have emailed every website/seller referenced. Please let me know if you would like me to remove the photograph.


  1. Great to see The Gluttonous Gardener featured here!! If you don't fancy making your own you could of course always send our Red Hot Box - http://www.glut.co.uk/housewarming-gifts/The-Red-Hot-Box

  2. Oooh I hadn't seen that, looks gorgeous!

  3. I fancy some of these for myself, some great ideas, especially the last one!

  4. Thanks for the comment, Luigi.... go one, treat yourself!

  5. What a fantastic idea for a post! I always struggle with Dad presents, but this has certainly given me some ideas. Thanks!

    Hannah @ Love to Dine

  6. Thanks Hannah - glad it helped! :)