Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bake Sale for Japan - Update!

You may have read my post Bake Sale for Japan, about a wonderful lady, The Tomato Tart who took on the mammoth task of creating an online Bake Sale to raise money for Second Harvest Japan, who give food to those that need it most as a result of the awful events in Japan.

Well, she rose an amazing $8,269

I really wanted to bake something for the sale but, as a newbie to blogging, I was a little late in finding out about it. However, I joined in by bidding on some delights and won! I can't wait to receive my wares of Maple Walnut Fudge and Maple Syrup (from Susan of The Spice Garden) and Homemade Sea Salt (from Linda of Salty Seattle).  Thanks Ladies, and I'm looking forward to joining you in the next sale!


  1. Hi Bea! Congratulations! I'm so excited that folks supported the on-line bake sale! This is wonderful news! Okay! On to the particulars ... email me at with your mailing address. I will get cooking this week and send out your box at the end of the week. You should receive it on or very near the 12th of April! Hurray for Springtime and maple syrup!

  2. Hi Susan, thank you! Really looking forward to receiving the fudge & maple syrup, I'm sure I've never had the real deal here in the UK. Just got to think of something yummy to make, or maybe I'll just pour it on my pancakes, or perhaps drink it! ;-) Thanks for following me too. Email to follow