Monday, 28 March 2011

Bake Sale for Japan

The first I heard about it was on facebook from my friend living in Tokyo, with the post 'Building's swaying'.  I flicked on the TV and couldn't take my eyes from BBC news, couldn't believe what I was seeing; the wall of water hitting Japan after a terrifying earthquake was just too much, then the nuclear issues - talk about insult to injury.

I've donated money through the red cross but want to do more, but when you see pictures of people sitting in the rubble of their homes looking for loved ones, it's hard to know what to do or how to contribute.

The world is a harsh place, but it's times like these that the kindness of others shines through - enter The Tomato Tart, a magnificent lady who has created 'Bake Sale for Japan' to raise money for Second Harvest Japan, who are responding to the crisis by feeding those in need.  A group of foodie bloggers have come together to donate their wares; you can bid on 30th March for delightful treats from around the globe (or perhaps on your doorstep!).  The highest bidder will get their treats posted by April 11th.

See a list of bloggers contributing and their delightful treats here.

I don't know if I'll be contributing to the sale yet - I was a little late responding - but either way I'll certainly be bidding!  Can't wait for the sale, let's raise some dough (geddit?  Mercifully stolen joke from The Tomato Tart!)

If it turns out I'm not too late then watch this space for an unusual contribution.  

Please give generously

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