Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sweet Trees!!! Oh My

My grandma (AKA Mamma) is nearly 85 and LOVES chocolate.  Lots of people say this but for my mamma it could be more true.  We go shopping and her basket is full of cream cakes, biscuits and chocolate.  I steer her towards the vegetables and I'm scolded 'What do I need vegetables for, I'm 84'.  Who am I to argue!?

So when looking for the perfect Easter gift (she likes to be spoilt,and rightly so), I stumbled across this little gem of a website:

Having read the 'About Us' page, Christina's story tugged at my heart strings, and it's women like this who I admire so passionately.  Good for you, Christina, and keep the wonderful designs coming.  I, for one, will be treating my Mamma to one of these delights :

...and if other family members are as good to me as my mamma, they might be lucky come Easter Sunday too!

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