Sunday, 27 March 2011

Let's Get Naked!

Naked Wines is a group of 20,000 normal wine drinkers who sponsor 25 winemakers to make us delicious wines. Exclusively.  And I'm one of them (a drinker, not a maker).

Naked Wines was set up as founder Rowen found that most of the expensive famous wines were mediocre - Jacobs Creek, anyone?  Unknown winemakers out there were producing stunning wines that no one had ever heard of.  

Naked Wines is to Odd Bins what a farmers market is to Tesco; they find the small businesses with the best produce and bring them to you, cutting out the middle man; what makes them different is that Naked actually fund winemakers being squeezed out of the market by big names to create new and exciting wines.  What you get is fantastic wine at a reasonable price; the winemaker have a customer base through Naked and don't have to spend a fortune on sales and marketing, so you get better wine at a better price.

If you don't already get Naked, it's about time you did.  Yesterday, I opened a white Rioja from Argentina, Mauricio Lorca Angel's Reserve Torrontes 2010 Reserve by a winemaker who was given £50k by Naked to create a new wine and ultimately make a living against the fat cats.  It was one of the most delicious wines I've had the pleasure to drink, honeyed, crisp, perfect for a spring evening.  I logged on to buy myself a case, but they've sold out already!  Needless to say, I'm front of the queue for the next vintage....

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