Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Vanilla! Not so plain after all...

First of all, let me introduce myself - I love my kitchen, I love food and I love drink.  I work full time but spend lots of free time in the kitchen - I love it!  My husband and the rest of my street get fed all of my left over cakes, I hope they don't mind! This blog is basically a log of my kitchen adventures, for my pleasure and hopefully yours.

I come home from a day at work where it's clear to everyone but me that every problem with every tool in the Global Organisation I work for is my fault (clearly), I have a nice surprise waiting - a bottle of pure vanilla made and bottled on Grenada, how exciting!  I couldn't resist and opened the dark alcoholic, thick liquid for a big sniff - bloody gorgeous!

I love the kitsch label and the old coke bottle it came in....

Having googled my new kitchen acquisition, I have found that have myself West Indian Vanilla, which is made from the V. pompona strain of vanilla grown in the Carribean

I'm already planning a huge vanilla sponge cake with a big dollop of vanilla buttercream swirled over maybe with some strawberry jam in there too.... or perhaps some vanilla caramel to make a nice big squishy banoffee pie with?  Only time (and the weekend ahead) will tell.

Oh a vanilla and lemon pudding, sounds fantastic

If I had any followers I'd ask for some suggestions on what to make with my delicious vanilla - pictures of creations to follow.


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