Sunday, 27 March 2011

Look What I Made!

Well, a more honest title would be 'Look What We Made'.... or even 'Look What He Made'.  Let's not get into semantics, as my dad (and I) have just finished making THIS:

A vegetable trough for my teeny garden that I am determined will feed me for a summer.  My good ole dad followed strict instructions to help me build a veggie trough to make use of that corner of patio I couldn't do anything with but got lots of sunlight, and this is what came of our natter.  I watched as it was built, giving instructions from the sidelines, and filled it with compost and seeds, seeds lovingly placed 1 inch apart.... until I got bored and scattered them wide and far (I can always thin them out later).  Onions, spring onions, little gem lettuces, multi-coloured radishes, stripy beetroot, rocket and spinach are all currently germinating or growing.  I transplanted some teeny seedlings of spinach and rocket that I planted a couple of weeks ago and they're doing so well!

Elsewhere in my garden I'm growing strawberries, blueberries, runner beans and a multitude of herbs.  Tomatoes and cucumbers to follow; they are currently being nurtured by uncle John in his greenhouse.  Some of this is even growing in the compost I made last year! I never thought I'd be green fingered; well, I still may not be, I guess we'll have to wait and see if any of the seeds I've planted actually turn into something edible.

Looking forward to a summer of preserving, baking, eating.  Maybe some new recipes... I'd post them here, but no followers yet.... here's hoping

Thanks Pops!  Your great DIY skills have not gone unnoticed :-)

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