Monday, 16 May 2011

Sowing Sunday Week 8…. On a Monday Again!

Quite a short post this week given as all that's happened is my garden got drenched by the rain! The plants love it. I, on the other hand, do not. No pottering for me this week and you know what?  I've really missed it.  Just thinking about all the healthy plants and gorgeous food to come.

Things are looking very healthy (and smelling very.... fresh!) out there, and no plant bereavements this week - hurrah, an improvement on last at least.

My radishes began to take over and I was sick to the back teeth off nibbling on them just to get rid of them, and it was too cold for salad. But, I found a way to use my glut, enter Radish Top Soup with Tempura Radishes (click to see recipe).

All other veggies are shooting up, it won't be long before I have other types of gluts on my hands.

My courgettes are going ten to the dozen, with new flowers popping up and the bees swarming round.  I'm waiting for enough to get a courgette flower risotto going.  I've never tried them before so I'm getting impatient.

And the strawberries! I spotted my first British grown strawberries in the shop last week, and by the looks of things mine won't be far behind.  I feel an Eton Mess coming on....

As per usual, my herbs are growing crackers, it seems I can't use them fast enough, which is never a bad thing... I may have to get going on the old drying.

Until next week...

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